JC Bowers-Brown, MA, M.Res, ACC, DipBSoM is a compassion-based coach, hospice chaplain and meditation teacher , practising in Derbyshire, UK.

I am an ICF certified Coach, BSoM accredited Meditation Teacher and BHCT endorsed Buddhist Healthcare Chaplain, specialising in working with people facing grief and loss.

After graduating with Sheffield and Salford Universities in the UK, I completed coach training with MentorCoach in the US and Barefoot Coaching in the UK and am professionally accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I have been practicing zen for over a decade and am certified by the British School of Meditation as a Meditation Teacher and endorsed by the Buddhist Healthcare Chaplaincy Trust as a Healthcare Chaplain.  

My primary professional orientation is informed by a compassion-based approach to coaching people grieving the loss of a loved one. Grief is a normal and natural human process but also a painful and often unpredictable one, that shatters the assumptions we once had and leaves us unsure of ourselves and the the world around us.

A life may have ended but the continuing bonds of our relationships do not and my coaching recognises that, rather than attempting to tell people what they ‘should do’ to ‘move on’. There are no set ‘stages’ to get through. Each person is their own best expert in themselves and each grief experience is unique. Loss is not reducible to a dictionary definition but a different journey of integration, change and transition in each experience. My life’s work is to support people to find their own best way and accompany them in that process.

I work in partnership with my clients to develop a compassion focus that is integral to their ability to live meaningfully with the experience of grief and loss.  It is as much about working with our minds as our hearts, as much about courage as it is being kind. I help my clients to understand how to work with rather than against themselves, so as to be their compassionate best, to access their wisest, kindest and strongest selves to face their most sensitive and challenging times.