JC Bowers Brown - Bibliocoach

Hi. I’m JC Bowers-Brown. I am a professional Bibliocoach, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I have trained with leading ICF recognised organisations in the USA (MentorCoach), UK (Barefoot Coaching), and Ireland (The Institute of Health Sciences). I worked for 17 years in teaching, research and leadership roles in UK universities, earning a PGCHE and becoming a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). I am also a certified meditation teacher (British School of Meditation). I share this information for what it means for my coaching and the difference it makes; It helps me to bring a depth of knowledge and curiosity as well as a calm and safe space to aid my clients to be themselves and to honour their potential.

Above all though, I am a passionate advocate for the power of literature, fiction and non-fiction, to open our minds and awareness. I didn’t grow up with a love of reading but was introduced to its pleasures in early adulthood, realising books not only to be a comforting ‘hiding place’, when times seemed hard, but ‘a finding place’, as Jeanette Winterson once put it, a place to discover new insights and possibilities, as well as new ways to see and be myself.

I believe in the development of self-awareness to create powerful change in our lives, careers, health and relationships and drawing on literature to inform the coaching process as a wonderfully enjoyable and effective way that can open us up to creating the next stage of our lives.

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