Coaching packages are available as single sessions that provide a compassionate, non-judgemental space that allows honest conversation and reflection, enabling clients to safely explore their feelings
, identify specific issues and clarify important life intentions and decisions. 
Further coaching sessions can be booked so as to continue the process, develop tailored plans and provide recommendations to accompany and support clients on their new and unexpected path. These sessions are 60 – 75 minutes in order to facilitate a depth of discussion and reach outcomes that are unlikely to achieved in typical 45 or 50 minute consultations.
The extra time serves a simple yet crucial purpose; it offers you room to breathe and time to think (they are connected). You are your own best expert. My comapssion-based coaching is designed to facilitate your realisation of that.


Wise hope is not seeing things unrealistically but rather seeing things as they are, including the truth of suffering—both its existence and our capacity to transform it.

Joan Halifax


Often such powerful issues and intentions around life and death, grief and loss, take longer to unfold and need time and reflection to be unearthed, considered and worked through. Three, six or twelve month coaching agreements are available for a limited number of clients who feel they would benefit from such an arrangement. These offer the deep level coaching service necessary to accompany and support you.

Single 75 minute sessions can be purchased at £85. Longer term packages tailored to individual requirements are available on request, subject to availability. I work with clients in person at my Derbyshire office or, health and weather permitting, there is the option of a coaching-walk in the beautiful Peak District countryside nearby. These days, sessions are often via zoom, telephone or email, and I welcome international clients who would like to take advantage of these options. Whatever the location or format, I offer a warm, compassionate and non-judgemental space where you have the freedom to fully be yourself, air your concerns and explore feelings, decisions and possibilities unhindered.

Working with coach in such a sensitive area as death, grief and loss, it is especially important to feel there is a good ‘fit’ as the basis for an ongoing professional relationship, so I am happy to arrange an initial no charge consultation to see if we can work well together. If you are uncertain or have any questions about how it might be for us to do so, please get in touch via my contact page.

If you would like to book a single session only, please use the secure PayPal button below.

Once you have purchased a session we will contact you within 48 hours to arrange a convenient date and time.

Please note that due to current corona virus concerns, all new bookings will be online sessions via zoom only.

Please note that once your appointment time and date have been confirmed, there is a forty-eight hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations less than 48 hours prior to an appointment, or any no-shows will be charged and cannot be refunded.

Sessions need to be arranged within 30 days from date of purchase. Bookings made after this period cannot be refunded.

I am a professionally trained and accredited coach and meditation instructor. This is not a counselling or psychotherapeutic service.